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World Cup Sid gets upclose with World Cup beauties

Last updated on: July 5, 2010 19:36 IST

Image: Dutch fan dressing up on the grounds of the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium
Photographs: Siddhanta Pinto

World Cup Sid,'s man in South Africa, meets fans from different countries during the quarter-finals between Brazil and the Netherlands, and Germany and Argentina..

'I found this really fun-friendly; A Dutch fan dressing up on the grounds of the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium in Port Elizabeth. And there she is, all ready to cheer for Holland.

Stand-out fans

Image: Netherlands fans before the start of the match
'Resplendent in their orange, I couldn't think of another set of football fans that stand out more.'

Guess who Is this beauty supporting?

Image: A local South African beauty

'This local South African refused to divulge who she was cheering for, but loved posing for us.

'I couldn't complain.'

Beauties cheer for Brazil

Image: Locals make their choice obvious
'Once Bafana Bafana were knocked out, the Brazilians got a lot of the local beauties cheering for them.'

Meet a real Brazilian fan

Image: A fan who travelled all the way from Brazil
'The REAL Brazilians who've travelled from afar are equally lovely, and really friendly.'

Brazil has a worldwide support

Image: People from different nationalities support Brazil
'I've often wondered why so many nationalities support Brazili. And how are they all so beautiful.'


Image: A disappointed fan
'Beautiful maybe, but where's the colour miss?? This is the World Cup!

Dancing away to glory

Image: A Netherlands fan celebrates a goal
'That's what I'm talking about. I catch the girl in first picture again with my zoom lens, dancing away with gusto. That the Dutch had just equalized helped as well. '

All smiles despite tension

Image: A Brazilian fan manages to smile despite all the tension around
'Another Brazilian smiles through the tension as Holland equalise. And no, I wasn't supporting Holland; that's my Indian flag.'

No Way! We're winning

Image: A Netherlands fan reach during a match
'A Netherlands fan can't believe her eyes as Wesley Snijder scores a second goal.'

Pairs in the box

Image: Paris Hilton too was glued to the match
Fans clamour to get a piece of Paris Hilton, sitting pretty in the hospitality box.

Smile please...

Image: Paris Hilton
Paris seems to be smiling for me. And then shows off her tiger top. 

Traffic jam ahead of Germany-Argentina clash

Image: Fans have a day out despite heavy traffic

At a traffic jam on the way to the Green Point stadium for Germany vs Argentina, I find these beauties literally spilling out of their car.

The others on that highway thought I was mad to jump out of my car. Deutschland !!

Killer smile

Image: An Argentinean supporter
A 30 second chat with this Argentinean, and we felt like we'd been friends forever. I loved her laugh. Look at it! That's what the world cup is all about in one photograph.

True Argentinean fan

Image: Keya and her husband Nimish

And then I found a beauty from Bombay! Meet Keya and her husband Nimish, decked out in their Argentina gear, who travelled for just ONE match all the way from Bombay for 3 days!