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World Cup Sid smitten by chicks in SA

Last updated on: July 3, 2010 00:42 IST

Image: An English lady with a friend's man in South Africa Siddhanta Pinto shares his experiences and the many moods of the Rainbow Nation at the football World Cup.

This time World Cup Sid gives us a sneak peek at the beautiful women who make the beautiful game even more beautiful by their presence.

'Some of the English fans were seriously good-looking!'

Text and Images: Siddhanta Pinto


Image: This English fan doesn't mind sharing her space or shirt with the guys
'These Guys cannot believe they've gotten inside her shirt!'

Blown away by English fans

Image: Sid can't get enough of the English girls
'I'm telling you, these English girls... delightful!'

Argentine simplicity

Image: An Argentinian fan at the match between Argentina and Mexico
An Argentinian beauty cheers her team on during Argentina's match against Mexico on Sunday

Vishal gets acquainted with a South African beauty

Image: Sid's friend Vishal enjoys the company of this South African lady
'My friend Vishal gets to know this beautiful American-South African.'

Bewitched by South African beauty

Image: Sid gets friendly with this South African stunner
'I thought she was Brazilian, proudly wearing their jersey. But as I chatted with her, and asked her out for a drink, she told me she was a local South African.'

Into the swing of things

Image: Sid parties with his new-found friend

World Cup Sid parties the night away with this beauty.

'Shame that my friend Vishal didn't click a full length shot of her. But it would've anyway been censored.'

That German connection

Image: Sid with his friend
'We only got closer that night. She's South African of German descent.'