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Images: Indian hockey's sex scandal

Last updated on: July 21, 2010 18:16 IST

Image: The videographer caught in the act

Indian hockey was hit by fresh controversy on Tuesday after Hockey India received a letter accusing former Olympian M K Kaushik, coach of the women's team, of sexual harrassment.

The letter, signed by a 'hockey lover', alleged that Kaushik had asked for sexual favours and used vulgar language during the team's recent tours of Canada and China.

Kaushik, who was coach on those trips, however, denied the allegations.

"This is a big-time conspiracy against me with many hands behind it. Those who failed to earn a place in the national team have come out with such a cheap act," he said on Wednesday.

The letter also speaks about the team's videographer Basavraj. It says, he 'is basically a photographer employed with the Sports Authority of India, Bangalore. He only knows how to record matches and has zero knowledge of computers. The other videographer Ms H Nalini is a software professional... Nalini is the main requirement of the team looking into the importance of video analysis in modern hockey. Yet for any foreign tour Kaushik takes Basavraj with the team, the reason being Basavraj bribes Kaushik and also buys him drinks on tours abroad and pays for his shopping'.

On Tuesday, while announcing that a four-member committee has been set up to probe the allegations against Kaushik, Hockey India general secretary Narendra Batra also informed that also received an anonymous mail last Friday, wherein allegations were levelled against the videographer being involved in a sexual orgy with prostitutes during the tour. He said five photographs of the videographer with the prostitutes had also been mailed to him.

Check out the letter that pleads with the federation to 'save the Indian women's hockey team'.

Transcript of the letter

Image: Another photograph of the videographer

The letter allegedly sent by a woman hockey player to Hockey India

Respected sir,

I am Hockey lover. I want to bring to your kind notice some of the worst things happening in the Indian women hockey team.

There is a videographer Mr. Basavaraja, whenever the team goes for exposure Mr. Kaushik will take him because he arrange some prostitutes for him in the star hotels in abroad.

I am here by attaching some of the photos which were taken in the bedrooms in China and Canada exposure of the teams and every Exposure he pays Rs.30000/ to Mr. Kaushik along with drinks bottles and some gifts.

There is a video analyser for the team because that person will not provide anything he wants so he will not take the video analyser. Video analysis is the most important for the team performance, video recording any person can take but nobody is there to question him. Because he provides girls to his room in hotels in abroad he will take him only.

There is one more person Dr. Rajan, Mind trainer his qualification is B.E and he do not have qualification about psychology or Mind training his duties trying to specify girls to lessen to Kaushik. He will select the team according to his benefits for money and gifts otherwise who will lessen to his benifits.

There are many worst things which we cannot write here, but one example I will give there one call T H Rangitha from North East she was the Captain for the Junior Indian women Hockey team for the World Cup. He has called her to his room during night time but she has not agreed so after the world cup she has not been selected for any tournaments. So I am here by requesting you to kindly Save Indian women Hockey team.

Some photographs attached here with..................

I hope you will take any right action for these because it's a matter of our nation and beneficial for our country sports. I will wait 2 or 3 days for your action after that I relies this on press, my intention is not a blame anybody because I know whole baldie system is corrupt. Right now I have no good evidence against Kaushik but after that your right action definitely punished women player will open her mouth against Kaushik how he did torture them and videographer Mr. Basavaraja will also tell everything when his remand under a polices custody.

Thank you very much.

Hockey lover