India lose to Iran in Mixed Compound archery
August 24, 2018  15:04

India's campaign in the Mixed Compound Archery comes to an end after Jyothi Vennam and Abhishek Verma were edged by Iran in the quarter-finals.

Iran beat India 155-153 to progress.

India's Jyothi Vennam and Abhishek Verma take on Iran in the Compound mixed event quarter-final. 

India take aim and get 19 points. 

Iran go level with 19.

India now and Vennam and Verma hit bulls-eye.

Iran now take aim and they get 18 points. India now have a 1-point lead.

At End 2, Iran start first and they hit 20, India keep up. 

India 78 and Iran 77 at the end of this round.

At the next round. Iran hit 20 and India now go back after they get 18 points. 

Iran now maintain pressure and hit bulls eye twice. 

India now fall behind by two points as Iran lead 117-115.

In the next round India start with 18 points as both Vennam and Verma hit 9 each.

Iran then hit 19 points and open up a 3-point lead.

India then hit 20 points. Iran take aim and hit 19 and keep lead. 

Iran 155 eventually beat India 153.
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