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Spotted: Leander Paes in Florida

June 19, 2009 18:05 IST
From left to right: Naveen's brother-in-law Anupam Jaddu, Leander Paes, Leander's personal assistant and myself Naveen Polaki

Reader Naveen Polaki sent us this photograph from Florida.

'This photograph was taken by my sister, when we met Leander Paes in Miami.

'Leander was there to play the Key Biscayne Championship in March 2009. His doubles match was on the following day,' writes Naveen.

'Leander is a very cool person as we didn't expect him to chat with us for 10 minutes discussing the global economic situation and the prospectus of India. I am a great fan of his game but after meeting him, I have become a fan of his personality as well. He is really well-spoken with great character. Kudos to him.'

Thank you, Naveen, for sharing this picture!