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Mumbai Marathon registration opens

Last updated on: July 9, 2009 
Mumbai Marathon registration opens

In his latest smash hit New York, John Abraham's introductory scene has him running fast in a bid to finish first.

And on Thursday afternoon, the actor was the first to arrive, much before the media, for the Mumbai Marathon registrations launch.

Usually it happens the other way round, but the brand ambassador of the Standard Chartered event, in a way, bucked the trend. 

"There was no specific brief for me to run in the opening scene of my film. But I really ran fast," he explained.

"That is because I believe in the holistic approach to fitness. And that is one of the reasons I am associated with this event."

The actor said it was an honour for him to be associated with the Mumbai Marathon, even as registrations for the 2010 edition of the event began.

The seventh edition of the marathon will witness prize-money being increased to US $310, 000, with the men's and women's winners taking home US $35,000 each. The prize money overall has been increased by US$ 60,000.

The biggest incentive is for the best finisher among Indian athletes -- the winner takes home $6, 000, almost two-and-half times the $2, 500 he/she got this year.

The registrations for the event continue till August 18.

The entry fee is Rs 300 for the full and half marathon events, while the minimum age for taking part in the two races is 18 years.

Source: ANI