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Brinda Karat for filing FIR against Kaushik

By Onkar Singh in New Delhi
Last updated on: July 22, 2010 23:21 IST
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Brinda Karat, member of Politburo of the Communist Party of India, on Thursday agreed with former super cop and Indian Hockey Federation president KPS Gill that an FIR should be filed against M K Kaushik, who resigned as coach of the Indian women's hockey team following sexual harassment claims by his players.

"What has happened is extremely unfortunate. As it is, women don't get much chance to exhibit their talents, and such cases deter upcoming sportswomen from taking up sport. It is good that he [Kaushik] has resigned, but we demand that disciplinary action should be taken against persons like him," Ms Karat told on Thursday evening.

"I think KPS Gill is right when he says that an FIR should be filed against the coach, as unwanted advances towards a woman is a criminal offence," she added.

Mrs Smriti Irani, president of BJP Mahlia Morcha, also took up cudgels against the errant coach and demanded that FIR should be lodged against him.

"Very few women come forward to take part in sports and when they do they place their trust in the coach. If the man who they trust breaches that trust, he needs to be punished.

"I know how much mental pressure this girl who chose to speak against the hockey chief coach must have undergone before deciding to speak out.

"I am worried about those who suffer indignity silently and are told point blank to keep quiet if they want to continue playing, lest they would be sacked from the Indian team.

"Molestation is worse than any other offence. I think the law needs to be more strict so that a clear message is sent to those who are in charge of the women's team," she added.

When got in touch with the Delhi police PRO Rajan Bhagat to find out if an FIR has been filed against Kaushik, he denied any such development.

"It is a criminal offence but we can act only if there is a complaint against him. So far none of the girls have come forward to get an FIR registered," Bhagat said.

"With more and more women joining for action against the culprit, time seems to be running out for Kaushik and he may soon find himself behind bars," said a top woman cop of Delhi Police.

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Onkar Singh in New Delhi

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