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Malik family not deterred by Sena threat, will attend wedding in Hyd

April 03, 2010 16:39 IST

The marriage of Shoaib Malik and Sania would bring the two archivals - India and Pakistan -closer and despite Shiv Sena's threat, the marriage will take place in India, Imran Zafar, the brother-in-law of Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik told

Talking to Imran said, "The family is very happy with the decision; it is great that the superstars of the neighboring countries are going to tie the knot; it is not only our family's function but it also involves people of both the countries; through such marriages tensions between the two countries could be minimized."

Earlier some Pakistani media reports suggested that due to the threat of the Shiv Sena the venue of marriage has been shifted to Dubai, but Imran says, "The marriage will take place in Hyderabad and there is no chance of shifting it to Dubai; all the family members are going to participate without any fear. Shiv Sena's warning is always just a gimmick, so no one should fear about it and the marriage will go on according to schedule."

Talking of Shoaib's sudden visit to India he said, "The visit is not something strange. Shoaib is there for marriage arrangements and he will have to fulfill the legal requirements."

When asked about controversy surrounding Shoaib's marriage with another Hyderabadi girl, Ayesha Siddiqui, Imran said, "Ayesha's case is bogus and baseless; such cases could not hinder the marriage and it will take place on schedule; she doesn't have anything to prove her marriage with Shoaib. If still she desires, I myself suggest that she go to court."

"We will bring Ayesha and her family to book by filing a counter case against them; they have tried to badmouth Shoaib", Imran Zafar added.

Tahir Ali