Sarabjot's rollercoaster ride ends in 4th Place
September 28, 2023  09:24

Sarabjot Singh delivered a pair of impressive shots with scores of 10.4 and 10.3, bringing him into a tie for fourth place alongside China's Zhang Bowen.

Continuing the battle, Sarabjot displayed consistency with scores of 10.6 and 10.1, while Zhang struggled with scores of 10.1 and 9.4. Unfortunately for Zhang, his journey ended as he was eliminated from the competition.

Sarabjot Singh remained in fourth place, but there was a slight gap between him and Uzbek shooter Vladimir Svechnikov, with a difference of 1.1 points.

However, a challenging moment occurred when Sarabjot registered a lower score of 8.8 in one of his shots. Despite his best efforts, his final shot of 10.7 was not enough to secure his position. With a total score of 199, Sarabjot Singh ultimately finished in fourth place in the competition.
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