Roshibina Devi wins silver in wushu!
September 28, 2023  07:23
Hello and welcome to the Asian Games coverage on Thursday.

In a thrilling showdown between India's Roshibina Devi and China's Wu Xiaowei, the competition unfolded with intense moments. Wu secured a crucial takedown, earning her valuable points. While Roshibina managed to grab hold of her Chinese opponent's leg, she couldn't quite maneuver Wu off the mat.

After a close first round, the judges made their decision, ruling that Wu had clinched the victory, taking the first round and leading 1-0. The pressure was on for Roshibina Devi, who needed a win in the second round to keep her gold medal dreams alive.

However, as the second round progressed, the judges once again favored Wu, sealing her victory in the match. Despite the setback, Roshibina Devi displayed remarkable skill and determination, ultimately securing the silver medal in the women's 60kg Wushu category. 

This achievement marked a significant upgrade from her previous bronze medal performance in 2018.
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