Jaismine delivers knockout performance
September 28, 2023  12:33

India's Jaismine took on Hadeel Ghazwan Ashour of Saudi Arabia in the Women's 57-60kg Round of 16, and the match had a clear favourite.

Jaismine (IND) dominated the first round, showcasing her prowess in the ring against Hadeel Ghazwan Ashour (KSA). The judges were highly impressed, awarding Jaismine five perfect 10s, while her opponent received one 9, three 8s, and one 7.Jaismine's boxing skills proved overwhelming for her Saudi counterpart, and the punches were becoming increasingly dangerous for Ashour. In the second round, the referee intervened and stopped the contest, declaring Jaismine as the victor.

With this resounding win, Jaismine secured her place in the next round of the competition.
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