Handball: India take a 2-point lead over Pakistan at the break
August 24, 2018  10:05

Following the timeout, India have given away a goal as Muzammil scores for Pakistan, breaking the Indian defence well despite the marking.

India score on the counter to go up 13-11.

India's keeper Atul does well to deny Pakistan and then nearly scores from a direct attack.

India score another before Pakistan pull one back just before the half-time whistle.

India go into the break with a slender 14-12 lead over the arch-rivals.

India awarded a 7m throw and they are now level with Pakistan at 9-9.

But the Indian defence is caught napping again and they take a 10-9 lead.

An excellent interception, the ball ricochets off the cross bar and Aditya scores an sensational goal to go level at 10-10.

India score on the counter to take a 11-10 lead.

India are now taking it to the opponents and Karamjeet scores another.

India are 12-10 ahead at the timeout.
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