Handball: India clinch 28-27 win over Pakistan
August 24, 2018  11:06

India edge Pakistan 28-27 in their handball match at the Asian Games. 

Navin scores in the dying seconds to take India across the line in a match that was played on level terms for most part of the match.

India's keeper Atul does well to make 2 back-to-back saves.

India then score on the counter. 

With four minutes left on the clock India need to attack and find a bigger goal lead.

Pakistan then drill in one after a lovely cross-court set-up. 

A lovely game of passing and Navin bangs the ball into the net. India now 27-25 up.

After the time-out, Pakistan score with 90 seconds to go.

Pakistan counter and score to take the scores level at 27-27. 

With 35 seconds to go another time-out called.

Navin scores with 25 seconds to go and that is the win for India!  

Earlier, India won 1 gold and 2 bronze in Rowing.

India's Men's Quadruple Sculls team of Sawaran Singh, Dattu Bhokanal, Om Prakash and Sukhmeet bring home the gold. 

They won with a timing of 6:17.13.
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