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LIVE IPL! Dhoni lifts Chennai to victory in final over vs Mumbai

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May 10, 2014

23:31   Chennai win by four wickets!!!

Chennai 160-6 (19.3 ovs) vs Mumbai 157-6 | Scorecard

Pollard to bowl the final over. He starts with a wide to Dhoni, trying to pitch it wide and out of the batsman's reach but it is too far.

Dhoni then punches the next ball through the covers and successfully comes back for the second despite Anderson swooping in on the ball quickly and sending back a flat throw.

Pollard bowls a length delivery which Dhoni carts over midwicket for a six. He then drives the third ball through the covers for a four to take his team to a four-wicket victory with three balls to spare.

Dhoni has done it again, hitting a quickfire 22 from 12 balls, to take his team to victory in the final over.
23:28   Chennai 147-6 (19 ovs) vs Mumbai 157-6 | Scorecard

Malinga to bowl the penultimate over, which is also his fourth and final over.

He starts with a full toss which Dhoni taps down the ground for a single. The next ball is again a full toss which Jadeja drives to sweeper cover for just one.

Dhoni then drives a full delivery deep on the off-side for two runs, followed by a single.

Malinga then brings Mumbai back in the hunt with the wicket of Jadeja, who tries to steer a yorker but ends up dragging it back on to his stumps to be bowled for six.

Mithun Manhas is run out off the last ball, going for a second run to fine leg but is caught short of his crease.

Chennai are 147 for six in 19 overs, needing 11 runs from the last for victory.

Importantly for the visitors, captain Dhoni, who is batting on 10, is on strike. He has done it quite a few times in his career, winning matches in the last over.

Superb bowling for Malinga, claiming two for 15 in four overs.
23:17  Chennai 141-4 (18 ovs) vs Mumbai 157-6 | Scorecard

The young Bumrah to bowl the 18th over. Jadeja pulls a short ball through midwicket for a four before Dhoni takes two to long-off. The pacer continues to leak runs as he bowls a leg side wide to the CSK captain who takes a single from the next ball.

Bumrah has gone for 10 runs in that over as CSK reach 129 for four in 18 overs, with 17 needed from two overs for victory.
23:15  Chennai 131-4 (17 ovs) vs Mumbai 157-6 | Scorecard

Malinga comes back with Mumbai needing a few wickets to bring themselves back in the hunt.

Malinga lifts Mumbai with the wicket of Faf, who is foxed by the slower delivery which is full and dips sharply to crash into the middle stump. Faf du Plessis walks back after scoring 31 from 24 balls.

Ravindra Jadeja survives a close shout for LBW off the first delivery he faces. A quick yorker beats his bat and strikes him right in front of the stumps but umpire Vineet Kulkarni messes up yet again. Mumbai captain Rohit is unhappy with the ruling and has a few words with the umpire.

Chennai are 131 for four in 17 overs, with 27 needed from three overs for victory.
23:04  Chennai 125-3 (16 ovs) vs Mumbai 157-6 | Scorecard

Kumar comes back to bowl his fourth and final over. Smith swipes the second ball over square leg for a six as Harbhajan can't get to it. But Kumar gets revenge off the next delivery as Smith hits a full toss straight into the hands of Simmons at deep midwicket, who juggles it a few times before taking it.

Smith walks back after a fine innings of 57 from 51 balls, hitting five fours and three sixes. He put on 63 runs from 46 balls for the third wicket with Faf to put Chennai in control.

Chennai are 126 for three in 16 overs, with 34 needed from four overs for victory.
23:00  Chennai 112-2 (15 ovs) vs Mumbai 157-6 | Scorecard

Corey Anderson comes into the attack. Faf brings up the 100 in grand style as he lofts the left-arm pacer back over his head for a huge six to raise the 100 for Chennai, in the 14th over.

Smith brings up his fifty, from 49 balls, with a boundary through the square leg region.

Chennai reach 112 for two in 15 overs, with 46 needed from 30 balls for victory.
22:50  Chennai 92-2 (13 ovs) vs Mumbai 157-6 | Scorecard

Faf also gets into the act as he crashes a short ball from Harbhajan through the covers for a four to get seven runs from the over.

Malinga comes back but both Smith and Faf play him with caution and get just three runs from his second over.

Harbhajan keeps Smith guessing as the Chennai opener employs the conventional and reverse sweep against him but fails to make connection. Just a single come from the first five balls before Smith slog sweeps the last ball of that over for a six.

Chennai are 92 for two in 13 overs with 66 needed from seven overs for victory.

Smith is looking to cut loose, he is batting on 44 from 42 balls, while Faf is on 12 from 14 balls.
22:38   Chennai 75-2 (10 ovs) vs Mumbai 157-6 | Scorecard

Smith goes after fellow West Indian in his second over. He drives the third ball through the off-side for a four before turning the fifth behind square on the leg side for the same result. He then smokes a full delivery over the stands at long-on for a six to get 15 runs from the over.

At the halfway stage, Chennai are 75 for two with 83 needed from 60 balls for victory.
22:26   Chennai 55-2 (8 ovs) vs Mumbai 157-6 | Scorecard

Raina (5) gets a lifeline. He top edged a pull shot off Bumrah but substitute fielder Apoorva Wankhede put down a straightforward chance at fine leg, running in from the boundary line. But there is no stopping Raina from playing the pull shot as he does off the last ball which goes square for a couple.

Veteran Harbhajan Singh comes into the attack. He makes a tidy start to his spell, giving away just four runs.

Kieron Pollard comes into the attack. He starts with a leg side wide to Raina, who steers the next ball past short thirdman for a four. Pollard is lucky to get the wicket of Raina, who is stumped off a leg side as wicketkeeper Gautam pulls off a sharp chance.
22:11   Chennai 34-1 (5 ovs) vs Mumbai 157-6 | Scorecard

Smith is all at sea against Kumar in his second over as the pacer gets some movement with the new ball. The Chennai opener tries an ugly heave across the line but misses as the ball passes over the stumps. Chennai just get two singles from the over, from the last two balls of the over.

Jasprit Bumrah comes into the attack in place of Malinga, who bowled just one over with the new ball.

McCullum gives the young pacer the charge and lofts him straight back, over the sightscreen for a huge six. The next ball is powerfully cut through point for a four as CSK reach 29 for no loss in four overs.

Kumar then makes the breakthrough with the wicket of McCullum, who is trapped leg before wicket for 13. That appeal lasted forever as umpire Vineet Kulkarni took his time to give that out but replays shows that the ball was sliding down the leg side.

Suresh Raina gets off the mark with a boundary as he flicks a full delivery on the pads through square leg.
21:58  Chennai 14-0 (2 ovs) vs Mumbai 157-6 | Scorecard

Praveen Kumar, who has come in as the replacement for the injured Zaheer Khan, will open the bowling for Mumbai Indians.

Dwayne Smith gets off the mark with two runs to midwicket before he lofts the next over the off-side for a four. He guides the last ball through the thirdman region for another four as 12 runs come from the first over.

Lasith Malinga to bowl the second over. Brendon McCullum picks a single from the third ball to get off the mark before Smith is beaten by one that moves away. He retains strike with a single from the last ball as just two runs come from the second over.
21:33   Mumbai 157-6 (20 ovs) vs Chennai | Scorecard

The wickets keep tumbling for Mumbai. This time Rayudu is caught at deep square leg as he tries to sweep Mohit but fails to make proper connection. He walks back after a good innings of 59 from 43 balls, having hit two fours and four sixes.

Mumbai have lost three wickets in four deliveries to be reduced to 129 for five in the 19th over.

Aditya Tare gets off the mark with a four as he steers a wide delivery through the thirdman region. Two balls later he cuts a short wide ball past point for another four.

Mohit goes for 10 runs in his final over to finish with impressive figures of one for 26.

Corey Anderson slams a full delivery from Pandey over the covers for a six. Two balls later, he lofts a full toss over the leg side which is taken by Pandey running to his left who takes the catch but is unable to flick the ball inside as he crosses the boundary ropes for another six.

Anderson then smashes a full delivery straight down the pitch, hitting the non-striker Tare in the process, who completes the run but then falls to the ground in pain.

He heaves the last ball on the leg side but is caught at deep midwicket to be dismissed for nine.

Anderson provided the late boost with a cameo innings of 18 from six balls as Mumbai posted a healthy 157 for six in their 20 overs.
21:18   Mumbai 129-4 (18 ovs) vs Chennai | Scorecard

Ashwin comes back and he strikes with the key wicket of Rohit, who is brilliantly caught by Raina at deep midwicket after scoring 19.

Rayudu lofts the next ball over long-on for a six but is beaten as he tries to sweep and picks up a leg bye.

Kieron Pollard falls off the very first delivery as he looks for a big hit on the leg side but holes out to deep midwicket where Raina takes another good catch.

Ashwin finishes with good figures of three for 30 in four overs.
21:13  Mumbai 118-2 (17 ovs) vs Chennai | Scorecard

Jadeja comes back to bowl his fourth and final over. Rayudu gives him the charge and lofts the second ball over long-on for a six and then picks two runs to sweeper cover. Jadeja concedes 12 runs in that over as he gives away 33 runs in his four-over spell.

Rayudu completes his fifty from 38 balls with a single to fine leg as he pulls a short ball from Mohit, but fails to get enough power on his shot. Five runs from the first five balls before Rohit plays the inside out lofted shot and it looks set to be headed for a six but Faf du Plessis at long-off comes up with an unbelievable save on the fence. He sprints to his left and then jumps full length to catch the ball which he flicks inside the ropes as the momentum carries him over the boundary.

Just seven runs from Mohit's third over, which has been outstanding with the ball today.
21:07   Mumbai 99-2 (15 ovs) vs Chennai | Scorecard

Badree concedes eight runs in his final over to finish with one for 34 in four overs.

Rohit Sharma gets his first boundary courtesy of a misfield as the fielder on the thirdman fence lets one go through him. After 15 overs, Mumbai are 99 for two with Rayudu on 39 from 33 balls and Rohit on 11 from as many balls.

They will need a strong finish to ensure they post a total around the 150-run mark.
20:51  Mumbai 78-2 (12 ovs) vs Chennai | Scorecard

Ravichandra Ashwin comes into the attack. He gives away three runs in his first over as Mumbai reach 57 for one in 10 overs with Simmons on 29 from 32 balls and Rayudu on 17 from 20 balls.

Rayudu gets a lifeline as Mithun Manhas puts down a catch at sweeper cover off Jadeja. The right-hander then rubs more salts into Jadeja's wounds as he slog sweeps the next ball over midwicket for a six.

Simmons is beaten by Ashwin that one goes straight on, getting the edge which goes past the keeper for a four. But he falls a few balls later as he holes out to the fielder at long-on after scoring 38 from as many balls.
20:35  Mumbai 49-1 (8 ovs) vs Chennai | Scorecard

Rayudu on the attack now as he chips down the track to Pandey and lofts him over the covers for a four. Two balls later he against comes down and flays it over point but it has gone straight to Badree on the thirdman fence, who fails to holds on and spills it over to concede a six.

Pandey then beats Rayudu off successive deliveries with two beautiful outswingers. 10 runs come from the over as Mumbai reach 42 for one in six overs at the end of the first Powerplay.

Left-arm spinner Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack. Simmons cuts the second ball past point for a four but he can only defend the rest of the over.

Mohit Sharma comes into the attack. He makes a tidy start, giving away just three as Mumbai reach 49 for one in eight overs.

20:20  Mumbai 32-1 (5 ovs) vs Chennai | Scorecard

Pandey bowls a tight second over, giving away just two runs out of which one is a wide. New batsman Ambati Rayudu defends three balls before he is beaten off the last delivery as the ball moves away.

Simmons decides to attack Badree as he lofts him straight back over his head for a six. Two balls later, he repeats the shot and this time it is even bigger for another big six.

14 runs from the over as Mumbai reach 32 for one with Simmons on 20 from 15 balls and Rayudu on one from seven balls..
20:17   Mumbai 16-1 (3 ovs) vs Chennai | Scorecard

Badree continues as Gautam edges the first ball but it goes past the keeper for a boundary. Two balls later he comes down the track and punches one through the covers for another four.

However, Badree gets revenge as Gautam is caught at square leg attempting to play the sweep.
20:07  Mumbai 8-0 (2 ovs) vs Chennai | Scorecard

Mumbai Indians have a new opening pair as Lendl Simmons walks out to open the batting with CM Gautam.

Chennai have a new opening bowler in the form of leg-spinner Samuel Badree.

He starts with a wide down the leg side to fellow West Indians Simmons, who takes a single from the second ball to get off the mark.

Two singles from the last two deliveries as Mumbai get four runs from the first over.

Ishwar Pandey to bowl the second over. He starts with three dot balls getting the ball to move away before Simmons pulls a short ball through midwicket for a four.

Mumbai have made a cautious start, reaching eight for no loss in two overs.
19:40  Chennai win toss, elect to bowl against Mumbai:   Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has won the toss and elected to bowl against Mumbai Indians, in the 33rd match of the Indian Premier League in Mumbai, on Saturday.

The visitors added a spinner to their line-up as West Indian leggie Samuel Badree replaced pacer Ben Hilfenhaus.

Meanwhile, Mumbai made a couple of changes. Lendl Simmons replaced Ben Dunk and Praveen Kumar took the place of Pawan Suyal.